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Bandana bib - Imse Vimse

Regular price €5.74 -5% Price €5.45
These beautiful three-layer bibs are an essential accessory for your baby's first months: the very little ones lose a lot of saliva and often regurgitate milk. Thanks to these colorful accessories, the clothes will always remain dry: the surface is in soft cotton, the internal layer is in absorbent sponge and the whole is reinforced by a layer of polyester fleece which prevents the wet from filtering through. On the back they have a closure with two buttons, which allows you to adjust the size: they are very practical and functional bibs. Materials: Upper Fabric: Certified Organic Cotton; bottom fabric: polyester fleece. Washing: in the washing machine (maximum 60°); do not use fabric softener and bleach. We recommend the use of an ecological detergent.

Cloth Diaper AIO Imse Vimse

Regular price €20.90 -6% Price €19.65
This diaper has velcro, a front resize system and inserts already sewn to the cover which makes it a fast and easy to use diaper. ImseVimse's soft inserts prevent leaks and are ultra-absorbent. The outer fabric is soft and resistant made of pul, waterproof and breathable fabric. Furthermore, thanks to the internal design of the inserts, you can choose a stay dry or organic cotton material against contact. Newborn 2.5-5kg Small 4-8kg Medium 8-11kg Large 11-16kg

Imse Vimse disposable velini

Regular price €8.20 -40% Price €4.92
ImseVimse disposable tissues are a certified biodegradable and compostable Swedish product. they must be placed in the diaper closest to the baby's skin in order to drain the pee and retain the solid parts. its presence makes changing diapers much easier. Just lift it up with the poo, flush it down the toilet and throw the paper away in the compost or trash. If you are a citizen of the European Union, this type of material is not allowed to be flushed down the toilet according to European legislation. Dimensions: 19.5 × 28 cm Material: Paper pulp 98%, polyester 2% Packaging: 2 rolls of 100 sheets Made in Sweden

Imse Vimse non-slip slippers

Regular price €22.96 -5% Price €21.81
ImseVimse's slippers are designed to prevent slips and falls and to protect your child's feet at the pool or beach. Our shoes adapt perfectly to small feet without the risk of being lost, even in the water. The shoes are made of neoprene and have a soft and comfortable fit. It is not recommended for use during longer walks on hard surfaces, such as asphalt or dirt roads as the sole could wear out quickly Material: Neoprene (free of formaldehyde and phthalates) S - Size 6-12 months: EU size 19-20, UK size 3-4, US size 3-4 (11.5cm) M - Size 12-18 months: EU size 21-23, UK size 4-5, US size 5-6 (13cm ) L - Size 18-24 months: EU size 24-25, UK size 6-7, US size 7-8 (14cm) XL -Size 2-3 years: EU size 26-27, UK size 8-9, US size 9-10 (15.5cm)

Mini Wet Bag - Imse Vimse

Regular price €8.11 -5% Price €7.70
This Imse Vimse mini Wet Bag (20 x 15 cm) is perfect for carrying wet or dirty items such as a cloth diaper, wipes, make-up remover pads, cloth pads or nursing pads. Its size also makes it perfect as a toiletry bag or for storing make-up. The bag closes with a zip (which does not allow odors to pass through) and has a small handle equipped with an automatic button which will allow you to hang it, for example, on the stroller. You can put it directly in the washing machine up to 60° Material: PUL (laminated polyester) Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified Does not contain BPA, PVC and other harmful substances Do not bleach so as not to ruin the beautiful patterns.

Retaining swimsuits - IMSE VIMSE

Regular price €17.21 -6% Price €16.18
These beautiful Imse Vimse swimsuits can be worn by your little ones for their first experiences in the sea or in the pool. They are containment and ensure a perfect and comfortable adherence that prevents spills. Thanks to the side pressure buttons, changing is quick and simple: even on the beach or in the most complicated situations, you can arrange your little one in an instant. They are made of breathable material to allow for quick drying and not to leave humidity in contact with your little ones' skin for a long time. The outside is made of a nylon fabric, typical of swimwear. The interior is in PUL. The elastic waist and legs are in soft Lycra. Available in different, colorful patterns: find the one that suits your tastes!

Trainer Imse Vimse

Regular price €14.75 -6% Price €13.87
The Imse Vimse trainer panties allow the child to feel the humidity of the pee and this will help him in pottying. they are used during the day to help the child associate the need to pee with the sensation of wet tissue. Since the training trainer is not designed to be leak-proof, it is not recommended to use it during daily naps and during the night except in very potty babies who may lose a little pee. This model has a snug and comfortable fit and has a soft elastic waistband just like a wetsuit. With three layers of absorbent 100% organic cotton and an inner layer of PUL, these training pants protect your clothes, when little accidents happen. Wash and dry inside out. Reference sizes (keep in mind that they run small): Large 9-12 kg X-Large 11-14 kg S-Large 13-17 kg Junior 16-20 kg Material: 100% organic cotton + 1 layer of PUL This product is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 for baby products Made in Latvia

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