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Fur baby washable tissue 1 pc - Avo&Cado

Price €1.14
Avo&Cado "pelosetti" nappies are an accessory that can't be missed by anyone who has embarked on the adventure of cloth diapers! Their particular composition allows liquids to pass through without retaining them, thus keeping your baby's skin separate from natural fabrics that remain wet, preventing irritation due to contact with pee (very soft, they are delicate on sensitive skin). Not only that: they greatly facilitate the stool cleaning operation, retaining the liquid poop and avoiding unpleasant losses. Easy to remove and wash, you will avoid the formation of halos or stains on the diapers: you can put them in the washing machine with programs up to 60°, thus avoiding the use of less ecological disposable tissues. Don't put them in the dryer, this fabric will still dry in a flash! They are also perfect for retaining any leakage of breast milk, leaving the nipple dry and thus avoiding the formation of infections. Avo&Cado "pelosetti" tissue papers are available in 2 sizes: size 1 (28 cm x 12 cm) and size 2 (33 cm x 14 cm). Material: 100% polyester

Happy Bear fuzzy veins (1 pc)

Price €1.50
HappyBear's furbabies are a sustainable alternative to disposable bamboo napkins. You place the super soft furry baby in the nappy and use it to collect poo and reduce the chance of dirty stains in cloth nappies. The fabric is very comfortable for your baby and is designed to keep your baby's buttocks dry. Very useful for children with sensitive skin! After the change, you can flush the solid down the toilet. The long-haired fibers ensure that stool does not stick quickly, but is able to block and absorb liquid poo quickly. The HappyBear furbabies are made from super soft recycled polyester and have an OEKO TEX CLASS 100 certification. The size of the fleece inserts is approximately 32.5cm x 13.5cm. The inserts should not be put in the dryer.

Milovia microfleece washable wipes

Price €2.05
Milovia's Stay Dry washable wipes are used to drain the wet towards the absorbent inserts and keep your baby's skin dry, but also to simplify the moment of diaper change and easily throw the poo in the toilet and proceed with rinsing in the sink. in this way the inserts and the underlying diaper will not get stained/damaged. They are perfect to use with Milovias, but can be used inside any other type of diaper. DIMENSIONS: 20x35cm They are made of 100% polyester with a microfleece side.

Shaped washable veils in Magabi organic wool

Price €2.97
these very soft veils, available in two sizes, can be used both as normal stay dry veils in contact with the skin, or, after the lanolization process, as inserts to stop leaks. in this second way they should be positioned as close as possible to the cover (in pul, fleece or wool) and will act as a barrier against spills. for both ways of use it is necessary to wash them by hand with warm water and a delicate detergent before use in the second case lanolize it and do not use it twice in a row, but let it air dry before repositioning it as a barrier. do not put in the washing machine and/or dryer measurements of your available sizes size 1 length 31 cm front width 13 cm back width 15 cm central width 10 cm size 2 length 38 cm front width 16 cm back width 19 cm central width 12 cm

Velini Bum Liners - Ella's House

Price €3.61
These tissues in contact with your baby's skin keep it dry: the material they are made of does not allow the wet to come back up. They are ecological, because unlike disposable tissue you can wash and use them several times (also saving!). They are stain resistant and using them makes changing and washing diapers easier (you can use them with any model). After each use, remove solid dirt before washing. Material: 100% polyester Dimensions: 31x12 cm (anatomically shaped for a better fit). Washing: wash before first use. They can be placed in the washing machine (maximum 60°C). Use environmentally friendly and child-friendly cleaners. Do not use soap - it reduces the permeability of the fleece layer.

Velini PELOSETTI SHAPED - T. 1 - Little Lamb

Price €1.33
Here is a new version of the beloved Little Lamb brand furry veins: even bigger and more shaped! Thanks to their shape they will cover the entire inside of the diaper: perfect for the night, when you need a lot of absorbency and are at risk of leaks. Very soft, a real cuddle on the skin: they will allow your child to feel dry for a long time. Available in size 1 or 2. Material: 100% recycled polyester How to use: Remove solid waste by flushing it down the toilet. You can store them in the bucket or wet bag where you store your cloth diapers. Wash them with a mild detergent on a full cycle. NB: DO NOT ADD BLEACHING AGENTS OR FABRIC SOFTENERS. Line dry in direct sunlight or near (but not on) direct heat, or tumble dry.

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