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Baby gift house (bath and diaper change) - Nebiolina

Price €13.11
This nice house-shaped gift box from the Nebiolina Baby line is the perfect gift for a newborn baby: useful, ecological and, thanks to the organic oat-based composition, excellent for taking care of the delicate skin of the little ones. In fact, the gift box contains two essential products for the care of a newborn: a Body and Hair Bath Fluid and a Diaper Changing Protective Cream. The liquid cleansing detergent with Oat grain extract from certified organic cultivation is the top for the little ones' bath. The cleansing action is carried out by an agent of vegetable origin based on organically grown olive oil. The formulation is completed by proteins derived from rice and organic oat extract, with its recognized soothing and relaxing properties. It will leave your skin soft and clean! How to use: dilute 10 ml of product, about a spoonful, in the warm water of the tray (20 L). The bottle contains 500 ml of product. The changing cream, based on oat grain extract from certified organic cultivation, is specifically designed to pamper the skin of the little ones between one diaper change and another, hydrating it thoroughly. It also ensures a barrier effect to protect the most delicate areas of the epidermis. In fact, oat extract has known decongestant, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. How to use: spread a thin layer of cream on clean, dry skin at each diaper change. The bottle contains 100 ml of product. Both products do not contain soap, parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, SLS, SLES, PEG, colourants, silicone and paraffin. They are tested for Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt content (<0.4ppm) and are not tested on animals. They are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Baby Gift Set body products - Petit&Jolie

Price €9.84
Petit&Jolie products are characterized by being natural and organic, and are the best choice for the care of the body of babies and children (but also of their parents!): with their use you will be able to enjoy all the good things that nature offers us . They are sustainable, safe and ecological products, not only for our body, but also for our planet! They contain only 100% natural ingredients, they DO NOT contain parabens, paraffin, fragrances or synthetic substances. The packaging is in recycled cardboard. Try this cute gift set of three products, perfect for making a special gift! Contains three 50 ml vials (also excellent for travelling!): - a diaper change cream: based on beeswax, it provides an extra protective layer to your baby's delicate skin, hydrating it and making it very soft; effectively prevents irritation. - a shower - shampoo for the bath: its special composition ensures deep cleansing without attacking the skin and scalp of the little ones; - body cream to hydrate the skin: it is a nourishing lotion based on apricot oil, which offers elasticity and softness; spreads and absorbs easily.

Gift box (shower gel and body cream with oat ceramides) - Nebiolina

Price €13.85
This elegant gift box from the Nebiolina Body Care line is the perfect gift for a friend or a special person: useful, ecological and, thanks to the organic oat-based composition, excellent for skin care. In fact, the gift box contains two indispensable products: a natural PH shower gel and a body cream with oat ceramides. The shower gel (500 ml) has a formula that guarantees high dermo-compatibility (at natural pH) which makes it suitable for all skin types, including the most delicate ones. Contains an emollient and a cleanser both derived from Olive Oil. Furthermore, the formula is enriched by the presence of organic Oat extract, with the recognized ability to preserve the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin. The body cream (200 ml) contains innovative Oat derivatives with a high antioxidant content, and is enriched with ceramides identical to those naturally present in the skin (which provide vitamin E with a high antioxidant content: Tocotrienols). Thanks to the Oat derivatives used, which make it unique, this cream gives the skin deep hydration associated with a velvety and uniform texture. How to use: distribute a thin layer on the affected areas and massage until absorbed. Both products do not contain soap, parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, SLS, SLES, PEG, colourants, silicone and paraffin. They are tested for Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt content (<0.4ppm) and are not tested on animals. They are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.


Price €18.36
Here is a gift for the little ones suitable for any occasion! A beautiful package made up of a cheerfully decorated box, ideal for reuse to collect small games, photos or memories. All the products contained in this box, suitable for children aged 6 months and up, are dedicated to respect for the environment and skin health, for a gift that also takes into account the future of the little ones, from a truly green! This box contains 4 truly indispensable products for baby care: Biricco Cleansing Wipes (20 pcs): composed of biodegradable fibers, they gently clean and refresh, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Ideal for diaper changes from the first months, to cleanse children's little hands and face, they are also perfect for cleansing the skin of adults at any time in case of need. Dermatologically tested. Biricco Baby Body and Hair Shower Gel (200 ml): based on surfactants of purely vegetable origin, this formula respects the physiology of the child, thanks to its pH 5.5. Its ingredients are of 100% vegetable origin, not petrochemical, to respect the skin and the environment. its soft foam gently cleanses the skin without drying it and washes the hair, leaving it soft and protected. It makes use of the properties of two ingredients particularly suitable for children's skin: Italian organic quince extract, with a delicate and soothing action, and fenugreek extract, with emollient properties. It does not contain fragrances, to avoid the risk of allergies, it is dermatologically tested and Nickel tested. Baby Biricco Body Cream (100 ml): with a soft emulsion, it is particularly suitable for nourishing the skin after bathing or when you need to protect it from atmospheric agents. The organic Quince extract and the organic Sweet Almond Oil, with a softening and emollient action, make the moment of the massage a sweet caress. Dermatologically tested. 1 Bar of Quince and Biricco Calendula soap: this vegetable soap is formulated with organic extra virgin olive oil and cold worked. It is enriched with organic quince and calendula extracts and wheat germ oil with emollient and softening properties. Its recipe does not include the use of perfumes, in order to limit the risk of allergies.

Gift Box CO.SO. Hair

Price €25.62
Gift box made up of a pretty decorated, reusable and recyclable box, with two solid products and a practical accessory to have perfect, shiny hair: • Strengthening and Illuminating Solid Shampoo from the CO.SO. line. • Strengthening and Illuminating Solid Balm from the CO.SO line. • Porta CO.SO. Combination designed for your hair stressed by smog, color and split ends; a new way to wash plastic-free, effective and healthy.


Regular price €13.03 -10% Price €11.73
Here's a perfect gift idea to make those who receive it smile! This GIFT BOX by Officina Naturae contains two essential products for an oral hygiene routine in the name of ecology, savings and health. Contains: Natural Toothpaste in Mint: This new toothpaste in Officina Naturae is truly a must have for all those who care about ecology and their own health. Totally plastic-free and natural, this toothpaste releases all the freshness of organic menthol, which is an active ingredient of peppermint essential oil: it protects teeth from bacteria that cause tooth decay, thanks to its antiseptic action and helps relieve any aches of teeth. Another ingredient that completes this toothpaste is hydroxyapatite: it is a mineral component that is naturally found in enamel and bones, the use of which in the oral hygiene routine helps to strengthen teeth damaged by small injuries or abrasions. This allows you to have a fluorine-free formula, as well as dyes and SLS/SLES. Contains 115 tablets. Natural Mouthwash in Tablets Mint Here is a truly innovative product! A plastic-free organic mouthwash that will take care of your oral hygiene on a plane, during a trek, or in any situation outside the home. It's very simple to use (just dissolve one tablet in very little water) and it's super concentrated: a single 95-tablet bottle of solid mouthwash is equivalent to about 8 250 ml bottles of liquid mouthwash (a huge saving for you and for the planet! ). The bottle is made of glass and the cap is made of aluminum (without internal gasket) and allow you to separate the various packaging parts and recycle them easily. It is very comfortable to carry in your bag or hand luggage, because there is no risk of liquid leakage. Each effervescent tablet releases a surprising freshness that you will feel for a long time: always carry it with you for a deeper cleaning after meals or at any other time of the day, guaranteeing you always fresh breath and mouth. Furthermore, mint essential oil and organic menthol not only leave a wonderful sensation of freshness in the mouth, but are ingredients that help prevent and treat problems related to plaque and tartar, keeping the mouth and gums healthy. The Mouthwash Tablets contain Hydroxyapatite, which guarantees a natural remineralization of the dental enamel. Sodium bicarbonate, on the other hand, is the ingredient which, in combination with citric acid, generates effervescence, making the tablet dissolve in contact with water. The perfect balance of these and other ingredients present in the formula does not alter the balance, on the contrary, it maintains the correct pH of the mouth, counteracting acidity, which is the cause of tooth decay and dental problems. This solid mouthwash also contains no fluoride, synthetic colors or flavors.

GIft Box plates solid (peppermint) - Officina Naturae

Price €16.31
The innovative Solid Dish Detergent , scented with Peppermint essential oil , is not a soap, but a real natural dish detergent, with a specific formula to obtain the best result , without bad smells . Contains ingredients that protect even the most delicate skin . Active principles: - Peppermint essential oil : refreshing and fragrant - Glyceryl oleate : derivative of emollient olive oil The Dish Brush is a 100% natural and biodegradable brush : its bristles are in Tampico , a kind of Agave, while the handle is in Beech wood , two materials that make it durable and resistant but also delicate on non-stick dishes . The Porta Solido is in PLA , a compostable material of vegetable origin , and is made in Italy with the innovative technique of 3D printing . They are three ecological and conscious products, such as those included in the Solara and Officina Naturae lines for the home, but above all plastic free and help you reduce waste. How to use: The high concentration of solid dish detergent allows dishes to be washed with a small amount of product at a time, with a damp brush or sponge. A soft foam is created, which effectively washes many dishes. Both during and after use, we recommend placing the dish detergent on the Solid Door away from the water, so that it dries perfectly between one wash and another, without melting.

Gift Box: Go big! - Natural Workshop

Price €15.98
These two products are really essential for those who want to "go big" using ecological and natural products. Solid Shower Shampoo for Men N°03 (50g): it is not a common bar of soap: delicate on the skin and hair , it is formulated like the equivalent liquid shower shampoos, but without water. For this it is suitable for frequent use . Its fresh and invigorating scent will recharge you whenever you feel the need for new energy. Contains organic blackberry and blackcurrant extracts , rich in antioxidant and anti-free radical active ingredients, which protect the skin against capillary fragility and ageing. Their action eliminates stress from external agents such as smog and exposure to UV rays. The scent of Officina Natura men's shower shampoo is of completely natural origin , derived from essential oil fractions. Solid Shaving Soap N°06 (50g): solid cosmetic perfect for those who dedicate themselves to the care of their beard as a ritual, wrapping themselves in its soft and persistent foam. It is a high quality product which, at the end of the shave, will give you the result of exceptionally soft and smooth skin . The composition of this shaving soap is not that of a common soap - such as Marseille soap - which you may have tried as a bar of shaving soap, with disastrous effects for your skin. The formula is specially designed to make the hair softer and make shaving easier. It is extremely simple to use , because it is already contained in a jar that acts as a bowl. Mango butter , which makes use of its moisturizing and emollient properties to maximize the sliding of the razor on the skin of the face. A cereal with soothing properties, Oats , with a recognized emollient and calming effect , which reduces post-shave skin irritations .

Gift Box: What a beard! - Natural Workshop

Price €19.26
These two products are truly essential for those who want to show off a perfect beard using ecological and natural products. Solid Beard and Face Cleanser N°04 (40g): here is a foaming but delicate cleanser, which eliminates excess sebum, keeping the balance of the skin unchanged . This product, like the others in the same line, has a specific pH for each part of the body. Added to this is the presence of Mango Butter , essential for hydrated and soft beard and skin. The organic red grape extract , rich in polyphenols, is an antioxidant for the skin and a natural conditioner that leaves the beard soft and tidy. While the bitter orange extract , present in the beard shampoo, counteracts the formation of unpleasant odors and leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. Charcoal and Indigo are the special ingredients that naturally hinder the yellowing of the beard. Solid Beard Balm N°05 (65 ml): balm for long beard , COSMOS certified, which has the appearance of an extremely moisturizing butter. This property belongs to Mango butter , which not only moisturizes the beard , preventing it from drying out, but is also emollient and calming in case of irritated skin . Among the ingredients you will also find Calendula oil , which works by limiting irritation and itching, and Jojoba oil , which helps to free the hair follicles from excess sebum. The latter is known to be very useful on sensitive or even inflamed or damaged skin. No silicones or dyes have been used in this Conditioner , to guarantee the naturalness of the ingredients. Even the perfume is of natural origin.

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