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Balsamo barba solido N°5 - Officina naturae

Price €11.07
It is a COSMOS certified long beard balm that has the appearance of an extremely moisturizing butter. This property belongs to Mango butter , which not only moisturizes the beard , preventing it from drying out, but is also emollient and calming in case of irritated skin . Among the ingredients you will also find Calendula oil , which works by limiting irritation and itching, and Jojoba oil , which helps to free the hair follicles from excess sebum. The latter is known to be very useful on sensitive or even inflamed or injured skin. No silicones or dyes have been used in this Conditioner , to guarantee the naturalness of the ingredients. Even the perfume is of natural origin. Active principles: - Mango Butter : hydrating, emollient and soothing - Jojoba oil : decongestant, nourishing and moisturizing - Calendula extract : protective and soothing This product is solid, and its packaging is plastic-free and completely recyclable: in 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum and FSC cardboard. How to use: put the balm in the palm of your hand, rub lightly to warm it up and melt it, so that it is better distributed. Run your fingers through the beard, starting at the root and working towards the tips, or use a beard comb. It is ideal to use after a shower or after a beard trimming. It is a "leave in" product, therefore, it does not require rinsing. With this conditioner you can't shape your beard but you can take advantage of its hidden quality: you can use it to keep your hair in place without weighing it down! In this case, use a smaller amount. NB: It is important not to leave the solid detergent in a closed container just after use, as it could melt. Let it dry hanging with its natural hemp cord.

BIO mouthwash concentrated with mint - Officina Naturae

Price €6.48
This concentrated mouthwash is able to fight plaque and tartar only thanks to its natural ingredients. In fact, it combines the antibacterial action of organic ethyl alcohol , the ingredient with the highest concentration, with the antiseptic action of organic mint essential oil . All in a perfect balance, which respects the mucous membranes of the oral cavity . Stevia Rebaudiana , a sweetener that does not contribute to tooth decay , mitigates the aroma of mint, making it more pleasant. The organic zero waste mouthwash is free from synthetic dyes and flavourings : any opacities should not cause concern, because they are due to the naturalness of the ingredients. How to use: A frequently asked question is how often to use mouthwash . You can use this Mint Liquid Mouthwash daily, even several times a day, after brushing your teeth, for deeper oral hygiene or to always have fresh breath and mouth. Dilute 30 drops of mouthwash in 30 ml of water, which corresponds to a cup of coffee. Make a thorough rinse that lasts at least 2 minutes, contracting and relaxing your cheeks to make it go from tooth to tooth. Active principles: - Organic ethyl alcohol : of natural origin, with anti-plaque effect. - Organic essential oil of Campestre Mint : aroma, antiseptic and antimicrobial action.

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