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0-12 months glasses with UVA and UVB filter - Ki et La

Price €24.51
The advantages of the DIABOLA model 0-12 months -100% Unbreakable -Unbreakable goods and glasses, perfectly adapted to the handling of children. -100% protection -Maximum protection polycarbonate lenses: category 4. -UVA filter, anti-UVB, anti-UVC. -Height of 3.2cm glasses to protect the baby's eye perfectly. -I + Ki ET LA: a blue light filter to reduce glare. -100% safety -Mount in one piece thanks to zigzag technology: no hinges (no risk of pinching or swallowing small metal parts). -New soft and comfortable cable. -100% comfort -Ergonomic glasses , soft, light and soft. No pressure on temples or bridge of nose or pinched ears. -"Asian fit" ergonomics adapted to faces of Asian origin. -100% eco-responsible - Recyclable fabric (glasses excluded). - Reusable and recyclable cardboard case. -100% malicious - Ki ET LA sunglasses can be replaced by corrective lenses. Ask your optician for advice. The DIABOLA is delivered with: - A support cable, a case and a note. Composition: -Guaranteed without Bisphenol A. -Mono-injection TPEE assembly. -Vers in polycarbonate.

100% organic cotton short-sleeved bodysuit - Engel

Price €16.93
Younger children have very sensitive skin and at the same time need materials that keep them warm without reddening or irritating. The choice of quality clothing, therefore, strongly affects their quality of life: the assortment proposed by Engel has all the essential characteristics to fully meet the needs of your little ones. For its cotton garments, Engel uses only the one from organic farming. In addition to a respectful attitude towards nature, a fair cooperation with the growers is also guaranteed. In fact, the cultivation is controlled according to the IVN directives, meaning not only low environmental impact for soil, water and air, but also social impact for the people who work in the cotton fields. Most of the cotton linen produced by Engel (from controlled organic cultivation) has been awarded the highest current ecological standard, i.e. the certification of the quality mark NATURTEXTIL – IVN BEST. Cotton is excellent for the skin, it is able to absorb humidity up to 20% of its weight and let it perspire on the outside. Cotton is sweat-resistant and pleasantly smooth. The natural cotton fabrics are also antistatic, resistant, moth-proof and can be washed in the washing machine at high temperatures. Furthermore, the design of the garments is designed so that children can move without hindrance. There are no raised seams or too tight elastic bands. These super comfortable ribbed short sleeve bodysuits are made from 100% certified organic cotton.

2-layer protective mask with LINEN exterior - Magabi

Regular price €5.66 -20% Price €4.53
The Magabi protective mask is very soft and silky, made with a hypoallergenic fabric produced in Poland with an extremely dense weave. It is shaped and adheres well both on the face and on the nose, as well as laterally and under the chin. It closes with two elastic bands that can be tied independently to decide the length. It has 99.9% filtering capabilities on both inlet and outlet for anything larger than 0.1 microns. It is washable up to 90 degrees in the washing machine (it should not be ironed and it is recommended not to exceed 60 degrees in order not to damage the elastic bands: tie them before washing). It is available in 3 sizes: XS for children, S for children and small adults and L for adults. Internally on the nose there is a slot in which to insert a rigid core (not included) to shape it even better and make it more adherent. If used continuously it would be good practice to change it every 4 hours because the vapors of the breath, by moistening it, make it a breeding ground for the germs and bacteria expelled from the body. This 2-layer version is covered externally in linen (the elastic bands supplied can be surgical or soft ones).

325ml Silicone Sleeves - Pura

Price €9.92
These Pura silicone sleeves, in addition to adding a little color to your bottles or baby bottles, further insulate cold and hot liquids, making them more manageable for your children's little hands: in fact, they improve the grip being "non-slip" and , this model in particular, being in relief, is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the sleeves, the temperature of the bottle remains ambient, isolating the temperature of the liquids contained inside, so it will be easier for your children to hold them in their hands. It does not allow condensation to form outside the bottles and, in the event of a fall, prevents scratches and dents. Like all the products in the Pura line, these sleeves are also 100% silicone, therefore they do not contain plastic or BPA: they do not release toxins even over long use. In addition, their design is designed to adapt perfectly to the bottle, and does not lose its shape even after several washes. It can be easily removed for cleaning operations.

Activity Triple Fun - Legler

Price €20.48
This activity triangle contains three different activities that will keep your children busy while training their intelligence and fine motor skills. With magnetic fishing rods they will be able to fish the colorful inhabitants of the sea. Fish, cows and piglets can be tied to the farm or pond in the classic pastime with the thread to pass through the holes. Finally, the spinning game with flowers and butterflies develops motor skills. This activity triangle contains eight magnetic elements and 5 wires, but once closed it takes up little space and is easily transported: we recommend that you always have it with you when traveling with your children! Like all Small Foot games, it is a toy that combines responsibility, quality and safety: sustainable wooden games at a fair price. Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 19cm

After sting: stop the itching - La Saponaria

Price €5.74
This after bite roll-on is based on lavender and tea tree essential oils, extremely effective in making even the most annoying itch disappear in a few minutes. Thanks to the high percentage of natural active ingredients, it has a strongly soothing, emollient and refreshing action. In a completely natural way, it offers relief from the sensation of itching and gives immediate well-being to the skin, relieving the stinging and burning of insect bites. Extremely easy to use thanks to the practical roll-on, it allows precise and effective application right on the sting, without wasting any product. Warning: do not use on wounds or damaged skin! Dermatologically tested organic cosmetic. The bottle is made of glass, recyclable.

After Sun Baby - Mama Baby

Price €13.11
This after sun, ideal for face and body, is enriched with Neem Oil, unpleasant to insects. It is hydrating, soothing and refreshing, specifically designed for the delicate skin of children and adults. It is enriched with rice starch oil, aloe vera, active ingredients that refresh and help nourish the skin in case of burns and redness. Sigesbeckia orientalis extract is used for its calming and regenerating properties. Formulation: dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, without dyes. Each production lot is tested for Nickel*, Chromium*, Cobalt* (*<1ppm), cruelty free. How to use: apply the product evenly directly on redness after exposure to the sun. Gently massage to promote absorption.

AFTER SUN FOAM BATH Officina Naturae

Regular price €4.02 -10% Price €3.62
AFTER-SUN FOAM BATH Saves your tan ICEA Natural Cosmetics certified product After a day in the sun, what's better than a regenerating shower? The After Sun Shower Gel gently cleanses without removing the tan, leaving the skin soft and velvety. Sicilian prickly pear extract and Allantoin refresh and soften the body, giving a fresh well-being in the shower and helping to prolong the tan. The ingredients of this product respect us and our skin, but also the sea and its inhabitants. Dermatologically tested Nickel tested Vegan Does not contain: SLS/SLES, dyes, chemical filters, parabens

After sun shower 'Osolebio - the Saponaria

Price €4.02
With this after-sun cream you will restore energy to skin stressed by the sun, chlorine or salt. Only natural surfactants of 100% renewable origin have been used (from coconut oil, corn and grape processing residues) and are easily biodegradable: they will gently cleanse without polluting the seas. Contains moisturizing and soothing ingredients such as pure Aloe gel, whose refreshing power is indicated to relieve reddened or sun-stressed skin. Panthenol and calendula complete the work thanks to their regenerating and epithelizing power: they will leave the skin soft and velvety. In addition, it will leave your skin pleasantly scented with summer and nature, thanks to the fresh and energizing essential oils of Basil and Lime. You can always take it with you, on the beach, on a boat or in the pool, to always have it at hand when you feel the need for freshness and hydration. It makes little foam and its surfactants are easily biodegradable and non-toxic to marine ecosystems. In fact, this product, like all those of La Saponaria, is not only good for you, but also for the environment and for those who produce it. In fact, the ingredients used are certified organic, i.e. they guarantee safety and benefits for those who use them and a low environmental impact. Not only that, most of the raw materials used come from FAIR TRADE certified projects: a fair compensation is recognized for the workers involved in the production process and in many cases the proceeds are reinvested in local communities in social projects. None of the La Saponaria products are tested on animals (they are CRUELTY FREE!) and do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

After Sun Shower Shampoo 2 in 1 - GreeNatural

Price €6.48
This shower shampoo with a fresh, fruity and inebriating scent is suitable for taking care of the skin and hair of the whole family after the beautiful days spent in the summer sun. It is in fact deeply moisturizing and refreshing: without attacking it, it delicately cleanses skin and hair stressed by the sun, wind and salt. Among its ingredients, cherry juice, melon extract (rich in very important vitamins) and apricot kernel oil stand out, all with well-known nourishing, emollient and regenerating properties. The work is completed by aloe vera, which has always been used for its soothing properties. Finally, hydrolysed wheat proteins are precious allies in maintaining the natural hydration and elasticity of the hair. To ensure the highest quality and to best protect your skin, this shower shampoo has achieved AIAB certification, which guarantees: • Formulations made up of ingredients of natural origin, selected on the basis of environmental sustainability and healthiness criteria. • In the case of Eco Bio Cosmetics products, surfactants, functional ingredients and plant extracts from organic farming and certified according to the main international standards • Compulsory tests on the finished product to prevent unwanted effects • Truthful labels and claims supported by scientific tests or bibliography trusted; • An independent control and certification system with international accreditations, which it makes public

Alta Officina Naturae Sun Protection Mini-Kit

Regular price €21.52 -10% Price €19.37
Out and about with your children, in the park or at the seaside, on a trip, in your hand luggage on an airplane or in your hiking backpack, always carry this small but very useful kit with you. It is particularly suitable for protecting the most sensitive skins, or as a gift idea for the people you love and who prefer conscious and eco-friendly sunscreen products that respect health and aquatic environments, as they only contain mineral filters. This kit, perfect for protecting particularly fair skin, which reddens or burns easily in the sun, from the possible harmful effects of the sun, contains two natural products, enclosed in a beautiful 100% cotton pouch: Baby Sun Cream SPF 50 high protection ( in 50 ml airless format): it is a certified high protection factor organic sunscreen, particularly suitable for the delicate skin of children and very pale skin of the face, because it helps to prevent rashes and burns. It does not contain perfume, to avoid the risk of allergic reactions, and is very nourishing, thanks to the precious vegetable extract of Italian organic Quince and the organic oils of Argan, Linseed and Jojoba. Bio Solar Lip Butter SPF 15 medium protection (4.5 ml stick): not only does it protect the lips from dryness due to sun exposure but it helps to repair them because it contains Coconut and Castor oil. In addition, this bio-solar lip butter contains organic Italian quince extract, soothing and emollient.

Anatomical rubber pacifier 0-6 months Baby Pop

Price €12.30
**PRODUCT NOT TO BE USED IN THE FIRST WEEKS OF LIFE TO AVOID INTERFERENCES WITH THE START OF A GOOD NATURAL BREASTFEEDING** A pacifier with anatomical teat and made in 100% rubber according to the techniques of our Grandparents! Perfect for all babies from the first months, these pacifiers have a particular butterfly shape that adapts to the baby's face leaving room for the nose; moreover, their peculiarity lies in the anatomically shaped teat, perfect for adapting to the palate of the little one and for correct suction. The two ventilation holes placed at the height of the mouth prevent irritation and redness around the mouth. Made from a single mold of 100% natural rubber, these pacifiers are highly hygienic, easily washable and impossible to break. 1 pacifier with anatomical teat Material: 100% natural caoutchouc rubber Without BPA, Phthalates, PVC or artificial dyes Anatomical teat, which adapts more to the palate of the little one Size: 0-6 Months The new pacifier has a light fatty layer, composed of a thin layer of vegetable oil to protect it. After the first boiling it will melt giving off the unique scent of natural rubber. The color darkens over time. Complies with the following regulations: European Standards EN 1400 +A1, CPSIA, US STANDARD 16 CFR PART 1511, AS/NZS 2432:1991

Anti Lice Foam - Mamma Baby

Price €18.03
Complete treatment against lice consisting of a foam to eliminate lice and nits and a special comb with very fine teeth to remove them. The formulation, made with lavender and tea tree essential oils, is specially designed to act on lice and nits, causing them to suffocate. The foam formulation makes the product delicate, effective, better tolerated, and easy to apply. It can be used for both adults and children from the sixth month of life. There are no particular contraindications for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding: however it is advisable to always seek the advice of the doctor and pharmacist before using the product. The fine-toothed comb allows you to eliminate lice and nits without damaging the hair. How to use: 1 – Check for the presence of lice: carefully check the hair of each member of the family with the help of the fine-toothed comb under direct light. Remove all knots with a brush and check the hair strand by strand. 2 – Check carefully near the hair roots, behind the ears and on the nape of the neck. 3 – Apply the foam to dry hair, massage the scalp and distribute the product over the entire length of the hair. Leave on for 10 minutes. 4 – Rinse thoroughly with water. 5 - Inspect the head using the MammaBaby Line fine-toothed comb and detach to remove the lice and nits. 6 – Complete the treatment by washing the hair with the MammaBaby Line Post Lice Treatment Shampoo. 7 - Repeat the application after 7 days. 8 – Check all family members for the presence of lice. Use the MammaBaby Lice Preventive Lotion. 9 – After each use, carefully clean the MammaBaby Line fine-toothed comb and the brush with warm soapy water, in order to avoid further contagion. 10 - Don't forget to disinfect the environment, clothes, sheets, towels, brushes and combs that have been in direct contact with the head by washing them at 60°C. NB: The Antipediculosis Kit Foam is a Ce medical device.

Aquadoodle Neon Travel

Price €10.66
Aquadoodle Travel n'Doodle Get creative with Aquadoodle Travel n'Doodle, a magical drawing mat that you can take wherever you go. Open the case and let the fun begin! It works with water only and once dry the design will disappear as if by magic. Are you ready for endless fun? LET'S BEGIN! Fill the included marker with water and bring all your creations to life. Once dry, your design will disappear as if by magic and you can start again. CHOOSE THE COLOUR! Open the case and let the fun begin. Orange or Yellow? Depending on which side you choose your design will have a different color! TAKE IT WHEREVER YOU GO! With Aquadoodle Travel n'Doodle fun is always at your fingertips WHAT'S IN THE BOX -1 travel drawing mat -1 marker

Baby ball with rattle - Small Foot

Price €8.19
Feeling, touching and grasping: these first motor activities will be promoted and trained through this colorful plush ball for children. A versatile motor activity toy that combines the function of a rattle and a ball. The different lengths of the fabrics attract attention and train the sense of touch thanks to the different haptic perceptions. To be attached to the pram or to take with you to the playground.


Price €7.21
BABY BODY CREAM nourishing and emollient WITH ORGANIC QUINCE Natural Cosmetics Certificate ICEA n. 026 CN 019 Soft emulsion, particularly suitable for nourishing the skin after bathing or when you need to protect it from atmospheric agents. The organic Quince extract and the organic Sweet Almond Oil, with a softening and emollient action, make the moment of the massage a sweet caress. Non-irritating, dermatologically tested Nickel tested <1ppm Vegan Made in Italy


Price €6.48
BABY BODY AND HAIR BATH FOAM delicate on skin and hair WITH ORGANIC QUINCE Certified ICEA Eco Bio Cosmetics n. 305 BC 002 Gently cleanses children's skin and hair with a soft foam. Thanks to the extracts of Organic Quince, Fenugreek and surfactants of purely vegetable origin, it gently washes, leaving body and hair soft and protected. Suitable for frequent use, does not dry out the skin. Without fragrance, it respects the physiology of the child thanks to the pH 5.5. Non-irritating, Dermatologically Tested Nickel tested

Baby food holder with corn fiber cutlery

Regular price €8.11 -10% Price €7.30
These cute baby food containers are perfect for meals away from home, at kindergarten or at school: they can be heated in the microwave, their hermetic closure prevents any leaks in the thermal bag and their size allows you to store the right amount of food without being bulky . They are designed so that your child can open it by himself, and the practical cutlery holder prevents losing the fork and knife, as they are always close at hand. The inscription "Washable Heart, for a cleaner, healthier and waste-free world" stands out on the lid: a way to support us and to let everyone know that you are one of those people who are committed to the environment by promoting a more greens. It is made of corn fibre, a biodegradable material which is transformed into PLA during its processing: it is resistant, non-polluting and does not release toxic substances into your children's food. Furthermore, its production process is decidedly more environmentally friendly than traditional synthetic fibers derived from petroleum. It is hygienic, comfortable and totally green: a truly indispensable accessory!

Baby gift house (bath and diaper change) - Nebiolina

Price €13.11
This nice house-shaped gift box from the Nebiolina Baby line is the perfect gift for a newborn baby: useful, ecological and, thanks to the organic oat-based composition, excellent for taking care of the delicate skin of the little ones. In fact, the gift box contains two essential products for the care of a newborn: a Body and Hair Bath Fluid and a Diaper Changing Protective Cream. The liquid cleansing detergent with Oat grain extract from certified organic cultivation is the top for the little ones' bath. The cleansing action is carried out by an agent of vegetable origin based on organically grown olive oil. The formulation is completed by proteins derived from rice and organic oat extract, with its recognized soothing and relaxing properties. It will leave your skin soft and clean! How to use: dilute 10 ml of product, about a spoonful, in the warm water of the tray (20 L). The bottle contains 500 ml of product. The changing cream, based on oat grain extract from certified organic cultivation, is specifically designed to pamper the skin of the little ones between one diaper change and another, hydrating it thoroughly. It also ensures a barrier effect to protect the most delicate areas of the epidermis. In fact, oat extract has known decongestant, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. How to use: spread a thin layer of cream on clean, dry skin at each diaper change. The bottle contains 100 ml of product. Both products do not contain soap, parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, SLS, SLES, PEG, colourants, silicone and paraffin. They are tested for Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt content (<0.4ppm) and are not tested on animals. They are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Baby Gift Set body products - Petit&Jolie

Price €9.84
Petit&Jolie products are characterized by being natural and organic, and are the best choice for the care of the body of babies and children (but also of their parents!): with their use you will be able to enjoy all the good things that nature offers us . They are sustainable, safe and ecological products, not only for our body, but also for our planet! They contain only 100% natural ingredients, they DO NOT contain parabens, paraffin, fragrances or synthetic substances. The packaging is in recycled cardboard. Try this cute gift set of three products, perfect for making a special gift! Contains three 50 ml vials (also excellent for travelling!): - a diaper change cream: based on beeswax, it provides an extra protective layer to your baby's delicate skin, hydrating it and making it very soft; effectively prevents irritation. - a shower - shampoo for the bath: its special composition ensures deep cleansing without attacking the skin and scalp of the little ones; - body cream to hydrate the skin: it is a nourishing lotion based on apricot oil, which offers elasticity and softness; spreads and absorbs easily.

Baby No Tears Shampoo - Mama Baby

Price €9.84
Specific anti-tear shampoo, designed for the little ones, delicate cleanser with foaming agents of vegetable origin with hydrolysed proteins of wheat sprouts with moisturizing and nourishing properties that give shine to the hair, making it soft and easy to comb. Enriched with organic extracts of chamomile and calendula with soothing and emollient properties. Instructions for use Apply a small amount on the palm of the hand, rub into damp hair, massage delicately and rinse with water. Formulation Dermatologically tested formula on sensitive skin with organic farming extracts, silicone free, colorant free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) free. Each production lot is tested for Nickel*, Chromium*, Cobalt* (*<1ppm), cruelty free. Powdery fragrance without allergens. Hypoallergenic and ophthalmologically tested product (Abich Test).

Baby Rice Starch (5 sachets) - Mamma Baby

Price €4.92
Baby Rice Starch The chick, named Clementino, is the Baby Rice Starch, for the body. Baby Rice Starch, dissolved in water, is the delicate, 100% natural solution for the bath. It is a soothing, emollient, refreshing product, capable of softening the skin. It is a good ally during the summer, after sunburn or rash. Instructions for use Pour a complete sachet into a small tub full of water; mix by hand until starch is completely dissolved. Bathe and massage gently. Each sachet contains 30 grams of product, the right amount for the baby's bath.

Balm Baby - Mama Baby

Price €9.84
This hair conditioner has a formula rich in active ingredients that help make the hair soft, manageable, full-bodied and shiny. Enriched with organic farming extracts of calendula and chamomile with soothing and protective properties. Contains jojoba oil with nourishing and strengthening properties, shea butter with revitalizing, restructuring and emollient properties. Formulation: dermatologically tested formula with organic farming extracts, no dyes, no EDTA. Each production lot is tested for Nickel*, Chromium*, Cobalt* (*<1ppm), cruelty free. How to use: distribute the product evenly on wet hair. Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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