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Burette healing veils 5 pcs Disana

Price €18.77
If the baby's bottom is red and sore, the raw silk veil comes into play. Raw silk contains a lot of sericin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Silk also refreshes inflamed skin. The raw silk lining is added to the diaper in contact with the skin. do not wash in the washing machine, but only by hand in cold water with a little mild detergent. do not twist during washing trying to manipulate it as little as possible. 100% organic raw silk. all you need to know about burette silk: WHAT IT IS: burette silk is a derivative of the transformation of the silkworm into a butterfly. There is no more powerful healer in nature. Normally silk is obtained by killing the silkworm as soon as it has made its cocoon, so that the silk is spun before the silkworm soils it with sericin. The sericin is what makes the chrysalis heal all the holes, it acts in a short time (the worm transforms itself in 24 hours so the sericin is very powerful because it has to work in a short time). To spin the burette silk, the worm is obviously not killed, but on the contrary, it is allowed to finish its process and once the butterfly has flown away, the silk impregnated with sericin is spun. USE: the burette silk should be used in direct contact with the part to be healed. no creams or anything else should be placed between them. Normally it is recommended to put the veil in the night diaper, in order to leave it in continuous contact for about ten hours. Nothing prevents you from using the silk burette even during the day. WASHING: let's start from the fact that being a fabric that works if impregnated with sericin, the more you wash it, the more the sericin will go away. it washes cold with a drop of liquid detergent and the best method for washing it would be to put it in a spaghetti pot and turn it with a wooden spoon, so that the pee goes away, but the fabric does not suffer rubbing or squeezing. If it is dirty with poop, it can be washed by placing the poop under the jet of water (no scrubbing) and letting the running water remove the residues. Removing the halo of poop from the burette silk is the stupidest thing you can do, not only will the halo not go away, but you will only eliminate the sericin making it completely useless. The silk burette can be reused even in the event of a halo. DRYING: the burette silk is spread horizontally, not vertically, it should not be squeezed, and should be placed in the shade. if you put it in the sun you eliminate the positive effects.

Ciripà Foldable Washable Diaper 5pcs Disana

Regular price €21.81 -6% Price €20.50
They are organic cotton knitted diapers: it is a strip of fabric that is folded double and closed with two laces around the baby's waist. It is a one size diaper so it can be used from birth up to the potty, the size is adjusted by simply folding the back of the diaper, and it closes by tying it around the baby's waist. The ciripà wraps the baby very well, even on the back and on the thighs, also having no elastic bands, it does not mark the skin. A waterproof panty must be worn over the diaper, which can be in breathable synthetic fabric or in knitted wool (not included). . boosters, prefolds and muslins can be added to increase absorbency (not included)

Disana stain remover bile soap (ox-gall soap).

Regular price €7.13 -5% Price €6.77
Bile Soap (Gall Soap) is one of the oldest remedies for removing stubborn stains from fabrics, especially delicate ones, such as wool and silk. Bile Disana soap was created to remove stains and odors from washable diapers, of any fabric. It is also suitable for removing all the stains for which bleach is commonly used: blood, fat, grass or fruit stains. Use: pour a small amount of product on the stain and leave it to act for a few minutes; if the fabric allows it, rub lightly. Rinse and proceed with normal washing. For colored fabrics, check the color fastness. Keep out of reach of children.

Disana Wool Shampoo

Regular price €6.48 -5% Price €6.16
Lana Disana shampoo is essential for washing all delicate garments: wool, wool/silk, silk, buretta silk, angora or cashmere. The Shampoo has a slightly acidic pH (5.5) suitable for washing and caring for the garments described. It is eco-friendly and skin-friendly, leaving no harmful residue in the fibers. Contains amphoteric surfactants based on vegetable oils, Panama bark extract (Quillaia extract), vegetable proteins and citric acid. Without perfumes. It is very concentrated, it can be used in the washing machine or by hand, with a maximum temperature of 25°C.

Lanolin Disana

Regular price €6.48 -5% Price €6.16
Disana lanolin is a specific maintenance treatment for delicate garments. Organic wool is naturally impregnated with lanolin, a substance with antibacterial and waterproofing power. The lanolin decreases with the use of the garment, the washings and the drying; it is therefore necessary to restore it from time to time. The presence of lanolin, for example, is the reason why Disana wool nappy covers are waterproof, or why wool and wool/silk garments are so soft to the touch and thermoregulatory. The Disana lanolin treatment is natural and not tested on animals, respects the most delicate skins and does not contain perfumes. Use: dissolve 2 tablespoons of lanolin in 1 liter of warm water (max 25°C). In the case of wool diaper covers, leave to soak overnight; for the other garments a couple of hours are sufficient. Remove excess water by wrapping the garment in a towel and patting dry. Spread lying down, away from heat sources or direct sunlight.

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