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Bumgenius disposable inserts

Regular price €10.95 -30% Price €7.67
Bumgenius disposable inserts are the ideal solution for holidays, for the nursery that does not accept the use of washable ones or for skeptical relatives. they are designed for children who already wear one-size-fits-all diapers. they must be placed inside the cover and once used, thrown away (not in the toilet!!). the cover can be reused several times as long as it is not soaked in pee or dirty with feces. in these cases it must be washed and replaced with a clean one. we recommend covers with internal flaps to keep the inserts fixed, such as Bumgenius flips or Milovia covers. they can also be used inside the pocket of the pockets in order to separate the disposable material from the skin. each pack contains 18 disposable inserts.

Bumgenius flip cover

Regular price €19.05 -6% Price €17.91
With the Flip cover, parents can choose from three absorbent inserts to suit their needs and those of their babies. is simple: 1. choose the best insert for your needs: stay dry, organic or disposable. 2.insert the used insert inside the cover . 3. once the absorbent part is dirty and replace it (cover can be used several times if it doesn't get dirty with poo and until it smells like pee. possibility of using it in rotation leaving it in the air between one change and another)

Bumgenius Freetime AIO Cloth Diaper

Regular price €24.76 -6% Price €23.28
The freetime bumgenius a snaps is a quick and easy diaper, both to put on and to dry and wear. much loved by mothers all over the world for its practicality, it is a single piece with two overlapping flaps with contact suede and an absorbent core in microfiber. on the bottom it has an extra layer of microfibre to increase absorbency the front resize system allows for optimal size adjustment and therefore follows the growth of your child. it is a slim and absorbent diaper. as it is conceived it easily allows the addition of boosters to make it more performing as the needs require it The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification indicates that bumGenius diapers have been rigorously tested and do not contain materials or substances harmful to your baby

Bumgenius Newborn AIO Littles 1.0 Cloth Diaper

Regular price €36.20 -6% Price €34.03
The Newborn Little Bumgenius diaper is for babies up to 5 kg and is designed to leave the umbilical area dry. The interior is lined in suede to keep the skin dry while the underlying absorbent core is in microfiber. the external part is waterproof and breathable in laminated polyurethane (pul) The closure of this version is in Velcro. All Bumgenius products have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

Bumgenius Newborn AIO Littles 2.0 Cloth Diaper

Regular price €33.24 -6% Price €31.25
The Newborn Little Bumgenius diaper is for babies up to 5 kg and is designed to leave the umbilical area free and dry. The inside is lined with soft organic cotton making it very absorbent. The outer part is waterproof and breathable in laminated polyurethane (pul) This version is closed with buttons (snaps). A small double booster is supplied with one side in suede, a stay dry technical fabric which keeps it dry in contact with the skin. All Bumgenius products have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

Day insert in Bumgenius microfiber and suede

Regular price €5.71 -30% Price €4.00
The Bumgenius microfiber day insert is lined with soft suede that allows the skin to stay dry after peeing. it has the possibility of being folded in three sizes thanks to the two grooves present on the insert and adapting to the growth. it is advisable to always combine an insert made of natural materials when you realize that the insert alone is no longer sufficient to guarantee two hours without leaks. nb microfibres are not all the same. some make contact, some don't. if you have bubbi, before you burn your baby's skin, write to me.

Trainer Pants - BumGenius

Regular price €22.87 -6% Price €21.50
This pack of Bumgenius trainers includes a colorful panty for potty training, two side bands to adjust them with a practical row of snaps and three 100% organic cotton absorbent inserts to adjust the absorbency. Thanks to the removable and elasticated side bands, they create a comfortable and personalized fit and are also very practical to raise and lower, in order to guarantee maximum autonomy for the little ones. At the leg there are soft elastic bands that make them snug without marking, thus preventing any leaks. The cover is totally waterproof, it can be rinsed and reused, only changing the inserts, which remain fixed in position thanks to the two practical Velcro bands. The cotton of the inserts allows the little one to notice the wet sensation, a fundamental aspect for getting to the use of the potty. Each of these trainers is valid for three, and can be adapted to different body types thanks to the lateral elastic bands. They also don't impede movement. Thanks to their versatility these are truly unmissable trainers for pottying! Features: -Adjustable, thanks to the side bands and front snaps -Elastic bands that prevent leaks -Waterproof covers -Velcro fastening of the inserts -3 100% organic cotton inserts included

Washable Diaper POCKET Elemental Joy Bumgenius

Regular price €28.58 -6% Price €26.87
One size fits ALL FROM 4 TO APPROX. 16KG (fit varies according to body shape) • Pocket can hold any insert or booster for custom absorbency • Front snap design allows you to adjust the size to follow your child's growth • Outer cover is in PUL, waterproof but breathable material in contact it has suede; technical material designed to drain moisture towards the absorbent part below and remain dry in contact with the skin • The pocket includes the flat cotton insert Washing: Wash warm with detergent ‡ Wash warm (140F / 60C) with detergent. Additional rinse. No laundry additives. Tumble dry low or dry. Dirty Storage: Remove solids. Store in dry bucket/bin. Wash dirty diapers every other day. Note: Mineral-based skin creams may stain diapers. Cod liver oil creams can cause odor. The use of a liner is recommended when using skin creams. ‡ We recommend detergents that are free from optical brighteners, perfumes, fabric softeners and dyes; such as bumGenius cleaner. Outer: 100% laminated polyester Inside: 100% polyester Insert: 100% cotton Diaper: Made in the USA sewn with domestic and imported materials. Insert: Made in Pakistan or Made in USA formed by domestic and imported materials

Washable Diaper POCKET Original 5.0 Bumgenius

Regular price €49.53 -6% Price €46.56
The original bumGenius design, launched in 2005, places it among the best-selling cloth nappies in the world the material in contact is suede and remains dry in contact with the skin as it favors the passage of liquids without retaining them. it has no intermediate seams and extends the full length for a better fit. the pocket has been redesigned and is more open at the back. the bumgenius pocket is equipped with two inserts that allow a great adjustment of the absorbency and depending on the age and needs it is possible to use it during the day and at night. the front resize system allows you to adapt well to the needs of each child and to follow their growth. all materials are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified which indicates that bumGenius nappies have been tested rigorously . loyalty Go to Product Focus Pocket Bumgenius!

Wet Bag hangout Bumgenius

Regular price €38.05 -30% Price €26.64
The Bumgenius hangout is a convenient wet bag to be hung in the bathroom for storing dirty diapers while waiting for washing. it is the alternative to the bin and necessary for those who do not have much space. holds approximately 14 nappies. it has a zip and a convenient top hook for easy hanging.

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