Daytime Compostable Sanitary Pads with Ali Ecoluna

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14 pieces - The first line of organic, biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads that appeal to young girls. Made of 100% certified pure cotton Made in Italy Recommended by midwives (SEAO)

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Ecoluna (pads that dazzle) let you love yourself and the planet The first line of organic, biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads aimed at young girls Why choose them Safe for the body: made of pure organic cotton Hypoallergenic and delicate Eco-friendly: biodegradable and compostable Colorful and fun Positive: periods are not a nuisance Recommended by midwives (SEAO) Features 100% Made in Italy Organic Biodegradable Compostable Composition: 100% pure organic cotton non-woven fabric certified ICEA Made without chemical binders or resins GOTS Global Organic Standard Textile Standard No GMOs No pesticides, herbicides, phytopharmaceuticals Can be thrown away in the organic waste according to the regulations of your municipality of residence Package contents: 14 pieces Int. cm 21, internal width 7 cm, Hot Melt Adhesive total length Also available in Night and Panty Liner versions The slogan of Ecoluna™ sanitary pads is “Love yourself and the planet”. They are made with 100% certified organic cotton, without toxic substances, bleaches or plastics. Tests show that the use of organic raw materials removes all chances of contact dermatitis. They are biodegradable and compostable, they turn into compost in less than three months and can be disposed of with organic waste according to the regulations established by your municipality of residence, significantly reducing the impact on the environment. Ecoluna™ pads are ideal for parents who want to give young girls a positive message about the menstrual cycle. The time has come to overcome the concept of the menstrual cycle as "something annoying" to bring it back to the normality of an event that accompanies women throughout their lives and of which we shouldn't be ashamed. This is why Ecoluna sanitary pads have a colored packaging, easily recognizable symbols such as the dab dance gesture and blood is represented in red. Hidden inside the packaging, on the tabs, there are other positive messages that remind you to mark the first day of your period in your period diary and to indulge in some extra cuddles on the days of your period. Girls like Ecoluna™ sanitary pads They are colourful, fun and speak their own language: DAB, unicorns, sneakers. Enough with the usual "mother" sanitary pads, having your period is also a girl thing. Help spread a healthier culture of menstruation! If you use Ecoluna Love yourself because in contact with your most intimate and delicate parts there will be only 100% certified organic cotton. No toxic substances, bleaches or plastics :) You love the planet because, instead of polluting with 11,000 non-biodegradable nappies (you'll use many in a lifetime!), you use sanitary pads that turn into soil in less than three months. Ecoluna are in fact biodegradable and compostable. If your municipality allows it, you can throw them in the organic waste. If you give Ecoluna you send important positive messages about the menstrual cycle. 1. Periods are normal The times are long gone when we had to be ashamed of them. The drops of blood depicted on the package for the first time are red. A small detail which, however, is very important to remind us that they are normal and we must not hide by pretending to menstruate blue as in all advertisements. 2. Menstruation doesn't turn us into a romantic 19th century lady It's true that when we have our periods we want to slow down and take better care of ourselves, but that doesn't mean that suddenly our whole world is tinged with pink, violet and sprinkled with daisies. We still love the colors! And let's have it like all the other days of the cycle! 3. Special messages Inside the package you will find small messages that remind you to mark the first day of menstruation in your period diary, or to use as a "voucher" to receive an extra cuddle. If you have a daughter, granddaughter or little friend who has just started menstruating, give her a few packs of Ecoluna, the absorbent sanitary pads.
eco luna
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